Terms and Conditions

1- Introduction

The following Terms and Conditions written here are to clarify the use of the Metaltek Inc. website, the Metaltek Inc. Programs, as well as all Metaltek Inc. Intellectual Properties.

Herein, by subscribing, downloading, streaming or accessing any element, in part or in whole, on the Metaltek Inc. Website, such as, but not limited to, one of Metaltek Inc. Program, instructions, advice, or training, you agree to respect and be bound by the Terms and Conditions written below


2- Intellectual Property Rights

Under these Terms, Metaltek Inc. owns all the Intellectual Property rights on the Website and all its materials.

You are granted limited access to Metaltek Inc. Website and its content for the sole use of viewing the information and material presented as part of your membership.  You have no right to modify, copy (in part or in whole), adapt, transform or make any appropriation of the content present on this website without the explicit written agreement of Métaltek Inc.


3- Restrictions

You are specifically restricted from all of the following:

  • Publishing any of Metaltek Inc. content and/or material on any media and/or platform;
  • Using Metaltek Inc. content and/or material to sell as your own content;
  • Using Metaltek Inc. content and/or material in a way that cause harm to Metaltek Inc.;
  • Use Metaltek Inc. Website to retrieve, identify, solicit or sell any data;
  • Use Metaltek Inc. Website, content and/or material to advertise any services;
  • Use our content and/or material to publish, promote or re-sell at your own benefit;
  • Publish your personal Login information to give access to our paid content to others;

If Metaltek Inc. finds that you infringe any of the above restrictions, in part or in whole, Deka Comp has the right to terminate your subscription without having to refund any unused paid portion of your subscription. Also, Metaltek Inc. reserve the right to sue any infringer for reparation;


4- Limitation of liability

Metaltek Inc. will not be held liable for any use of its services. Your use of our service means you have acknowledged the risk and are using the service with full understanding that Métaltek Inc. will not be held liable for any consequences coming from or related to the use of the website and our services.